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L.L. Johnson Customer Testimonials

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"In today's uncertain business environment, we're always looking for a new product or service revenue stream, especially in our fringe sales months. By working in a collaborative fashion with our LL. Johnson sales rep, we were introduced to a new sales opportunity that combined a growing market factor – the escalating costs of water, with hitting a market need - decreasing our customers' water bills, while still having green grass! We developed a sales strategy to sell Toro Precision Spray nozzles, as a replacement item to upgrade existing systems' nozzle performance. Using a variety of sales tools provided by L.L. Johnson, we successfully sold winter time enhancement work we wouldn't have had otherwise. There is a saying that goes "People do business with people," and we will do business with the People of L.L. Johnson again". — Steve Genders, CLT, Business Vice President, Keesen Landscape Management Inc.
With the evolution and upgrade to Toro Lynx, Ironbridge Golf Club has realized several valuable positives financially including playability, environmentally, and ease of use. First, with the use of Lynx programming, we were able to effectively turn off two irrigation pumps and maintain our water window while reducing our monthly electric bill by $1500 during the height of our season. Second, I believe we experienced better irrigation application uniformity because of Lynx station-based flow programming that resulted in reduced wet and dry spots. This in turn improved the overall playability of the course as well as everyday maintenance practices. Third, because of Lynx's ability to program irrigation applications efficiently, we reduced our water usage considerably compared to "normal" years - during one of the driest and hottest seasons on record in recent times. Finally, Lynx is very intuitive and easy to use. With very little training, the basics of Lynx can be mastered and put to use in no time! — Eric Foerster, CGCS, MG

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